Our key focus areas are:

i) Business Management Consulting

ii) Headhunting of Specialist Resources.

iii) The Administration of Deceased Estates.


What We Do

Business Management Consulting:

We help our clients (public and private sector) meet and exceed their strategic goals by maximising their asset allocations through a three-pronged assessment programme centred upon People – current staffing structures including skills-based assessments; Processes – interrogation of current operational and system processes with a view to re-engineering efficiencies; Balance Sheet – interrogation of current Financial Position including gearing and liability structures.


We pride ourselves on sourcing  high calibre executive / senior management / specialist resources who will add value to our clients’ recruitment objectives. We have differentiated ourselves  in the recruitment industry, evidenced through our service delivery, our integrity and our solid understanding of our focus industries: Financial Services, Retail, Information Technology.

Administration of Deceased Estates:

We assist in the efficient, cost-effective winding-up of Deceased Estates with a gross value above R5m and which fall under the Administration of Estates Act, 66 of 1965 (as amended).

Senior Team


Michael Clague

Managing Director 

Mandi Dicks


Sue Soskin

Director – Estates

David Smith

Director – Estates

Joanne Joscelyne

GM – Retail Imports

Gavin Henshaw

Head of Finance

Sue Tobin

HR Manager


Why On The Dotted Line Consulting?

We are a highly respected consulting firm built on integrity and honesty; ideals which guide us in all our service offerings to our clients. We have built a reputation servicing blue-chip JSE listed companies, public enterprises as well as high net-worth individual estates.

Our leadership team have all worked their way up into executive-level positions within their chosen specialist industry, affording them unparalleled insight. We build a relationship of trust and partnering, adhering to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct whilst ensuring that our skill-sets are progressive and in line with local and global trends and that they adhere to all current legislative requirements.

We remain resolutely focused in all that we do – we live our brand.