• Michael Clague
    May 29TH, 2017

    Deepak Chopra Has 3 Simple and Surprising Productivity Secrets for You

    Spiritual guru Deepak Chopra is a big believer in the power of the mind-body connection. It influences everything he does, from his teaching and writing to his spiritual practice and his fascination with wearable technology. He is the founder of The Chopra Foundation, co-founder of The Chopra Center for Wellbeing as well as a medical […]

  • Michael Clague
    Jul 15TH, 2015

    The 5 Truths of Leadership That Every Manager Must Know

    When was theWhen was the last time you examined your leadership style and the approach you used to inspire and lead your employees? Your leadership behavior and performance affect many people and you may not realize just how extensive your impact is. The following are five truths of leadership that we hope will inspire you […]

  • Michael Clague
    Feb 03RD, 2015

    Leadership Lesson: The Glory of Rejection

    If there was one topic I would say I have the authority to discuss, it would be rejection. Throughout my journey, I’ve faced many ups and downs. At times the downs seems more than the ups, which can be overwhelming. Rejection has historically been viewed as a form of failure. How many times have you […]

  • Michael Clague
    Aug 29TH, 2014

    If You Lose Your Job, Remember This

    The best memory I have of my dad from when I was growing up happened when I was about 7 years old. At the time he was looking for work in Washington state, and he, my mom, my little brother, and I were all living in a tent. My dad knew I liked Airwolf, a […]

  • Michael Clague
    Jul 09TH, 2014

    10 Things Only Exceptional Bosses Give Employees

    Good bosses have strong organizational skills. Good bosses have solid decision-making skills. Good bosses get important things done. Exceptional bosses do all of the above — and more. (And we remember them forever.) Sure, they care about their company and customers, their vendors and suppliers. But most importantly, they care to an exceptional degree about […]

  • Michael Clague
    May 20TH, 2014

    If I Were 22: Chart Your Own Path to Success (Arianna Huffington)

    In the course of my Thrive book tour, one question has come up over and over again. It goes something like this: it’s all fine and good for people who have already succeeded to care for their well-being, but shouldn’t young people pursue their dreams by burning the candle at both ends? Surely getting by […]

  • Michael Clague
    Apr 15TH, 2014

    Warren Buffet Quotes

    A collection of quotes from the Oracle of Omaha:     “Without passion, you don’t have energy. Without energy, you have nothing.”   “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”   “Only when you combine sound intellect with emotional discipline do you get rational behavior.”   […]

  • Michael Clague
    Apr 08TH, 2014

    Serial Entrepreneurs – Ability to Take Hits yet Continue Pursuing Goals

      This is an interesting graphic which demonstrates how most highly successful entrepreneurs built their success on the back of numerous attempts – diversification of efforts coupled with a ‘never-say-die’ attitude seem to be consistent themes. Source: http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/228067

  • Michael Clague
    Mar 31ST, 2014

    Job Interview: Why Only 3 Questions Really Matter

    In the below article, enterprise performance professional Bernard Marr shares his thoughts on the most important questions an interviewee should prepare for. His questions centre around three primary areas of synergy and whilst one could argue there are some key areas missing from his piece, I do think his points are very valid both from the recruiting […]

  • Michael Clague
    Mar 24TH, 2014

    Becoming a Better Judge of People

    This is one of my favourite articles on what companies should be  looking for in their ideal candidates – specifically focusing on the soft qualities which can only really be viewed in face-to-face encounters (possibly via telephone or Skype for experienced people leaders). It lends itself in many respects to the EQ of a candidate  and […]